Daisycon makes conversion assists more transparent

Date of publication:

Daisycon recently introduced a new feature in conversion attribution. This “Conversion Assist” allows advertisers to allocate an additional fee to publishers who have made a significant contribution to a sale (conversion).

Daisycon has now further improved the assist statistics within the advertiser interface. Amongst others, the stats show the total of allocated assists fees and total revenue contributions.

This makes is easier to define the percentage of cases in which specific publishers made first contact between consumer and advertiser. In short: at a glance, advertisers now see which publishers “have not scored the goal, but rather gave the cross that led to the goal”.

Determine ROI and influence of publishers faster

Publishers can not only be rewarded on CPS base, but may also receive a fee for an assist. The ROI and influence of publisher is easily determined thanks to the improved statistics. The publisher contributions at any given stage of the customer journey are mapped. While some publishers inspire consumers at the top of the funnel, others actively convince visitors along the line.


Recognizing the right publishers and rewarding them is essential to the success of an affiliate program. Learn more about this? Please feel free to contact us!