It’s all about mobile

Insights in the Dutch and UK market

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In the online landscape the year’s end rally is in full force for both publishers and advertisers. Revenues surge during this holiday season. Recurring hot item is the tablet, which keeps presenting an impressive growth in marketshare for both traffic and clicks. In this blog we take a closer look at the tablet and mobile traffic in the Netherlands and draw up a comparison with the UK.

It’s lonely at the top

The tablet is obviously still in the growth fase of its product life cycle. ZenithOptimedia just released their forecast and assessment, in which the Netherlands turns out to have the highest tablet market penetration already of 41%, followed by the UK (31%). This will continue to grow to 60% (NL) and 47% (UK) in 2016. The tablet has been at the top of the holiday wishlists for the last couple of years and it’s even lonelier at the top this year. If everybody has been nice this year, then perhaps Santa will fulfil their tablet wishes.

The growth potential in sales is good news for the electronics advertisers and publishers who sell/promote tablets, but it also creates a shift in online traffic sources. The tablet seems to become the main traffic source of the future. It also proves that the webshops and sites should be optimised for mobile traffic. 

Mobile traffic generated by affiliate marketing

Market data from Daisycon show that a staggering 30% of the clicks in the Netherlands is generated on a smartphone or tablet. Apple is dominating the market with the biggest contribution of total clicks with both the tablets (57.86%) as the smartphones (33.6%). Samsung is a strong runner-up with 27.77% of smartphone clicks and 27.09% of tablet clicks.


A research of British network Affiliate Window shows that Apple’s powerplay is even bigger in the UK. The iPhone is responsible for 69,18% of smartphone traffic and a very large majority of all traffic via tablets originates from an iPad, confirmed by the impressive 79,44% market share.

Share of web traffic per device 

The Netherlands seems to be almost at level with the UK if you look at the use of tablets, while smartphone usage is slightly higher.  


In the Netherlands there seems to be significant more awareness amongst SMEs when it comes to being mobile ready: 33,5% of the SMEs have already optimised their website for mobile users. Where in the UK only 8 per cent have a mobile-optimised website. But in both cases SMEs will definitely need to pick up the pace and optimise their websites for mobile devices in order to keep up with online consumers.

Affiliate tracking on mobile devices

There are several challenges to be met, when dealing with the growing influence of mobile devices. For instance, we need to match the mobile traffic to the best converting mobile campaigns and must implement the best tracking methods for all devices. Also, the customer journey has to be analysed with cross device tracking.

The development of the M-commerce technology is expected to be evolving as fast as the current market is changing. And with new and distinguishable ways of tracking, the cookie era just might be over before we know it…