Make impact during Black Friday using our new Promotions Tool

Jurre Zwierstra, Channel Manager Games, eSports & iGaming
Luuk Noordhoff, Channel Manager Retail

Date of publication:

We are happy to present our new feature: the Daisycon Promotions Tool. The tool offers possibilities that help advertisers to submit and post promotions, for example on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In the Promotions Tool you, as an advertiser, can easily place discount codes, special offers and available promotions. You are familiar with the promotions that work well for your target group, and therefore you know which promotions to highlight. Especially on Black Friday, and the time prior to it, it is important to highlight the best deals in order to prevent your customers from overlooking them.

What is the Promotions Tool?

As an advertiser, you can use our Promotions Tool to share your promotions directly with publishers in our network. Publishers are quickly informed about temporary or new promotions while you, the advertiser, create visibility for your brand and product(s). Publishers will see the available promotions in the news feed in MyDaisycon once they are logged in.

Why should you use our Promotions Tool?

As an advertiser, if you want to share a (temporary) offer with or without a promotion code with the publishers registered at Daisycon, you can do so in various ways. You can share the promotion with the dedicated channel manager of your campaign(s) or you can place the promotion in the Promotions Tool yourself. By doing so you:

  • Can communicate your promotions directly to publishers;
  • Will gain extra visibility in MyDaisycon;
  • Give publishers an extra reason to promote your brand;
  • Give publishers the option to automatically load your promotions onto their website;
  • Can automatically remove the promotion from the overview when it is not actual anymore.

How does it work?

You can add your offers and promotions to your account by clicking Material > Promotions. It is possible to link the promotion to a general event, such as Black Friday or Christmas. Publishers interested in promotions can then find all available offers per event.

The promotion can be scheduled for a specific period if you want to make it available for a short time, a few days or weeks. This enables us to show potential offers to publishers well in advance of a promotional period, so that they can respond to them at an early stage.

In our video tutorial we show you exactly how to add a promotion and what settings are required:

As Black Friday approaches, it is important that your promotions are visible and catch the eye of publishers. Not only the preparations, but also the event that Black Friday has become, are starting earlier and earlier and more companies are participating. Therefore, use our Promotions Tool and make sure your offers are listed in MyDaisycon in time and neatly organised. Get the most out of your promotions and offers!

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