Media verification for publishers

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At Daisycon we continually strive to further improve our service level quality. Also, we value transparency. In this context we now ask our publishers to verify their media, so that there is no doubt about the ownership of the media. This applies to all our publishers, both new and existing.

When you register a new website to the Daisycon network, it will be pending approval by the Daisycon team. You will receive resolution within two working days. Next to this, you must verify ownership of your website.

Daisycon requires all publishers to verify their media. Verifying your website can be done by adding the Daisycon verification token to your website. When you need to verify multiple media, you can use this one token for all your media. This token is unique for every publisher, not for every media. Once verified, the token can be safely removed.

We have a tutorial available, which describes the several methods available.

Click to visit the tutorial

Daisycon can provide assistance with the verification. Please contact the Daisycon Support Team, either sending in a ticket via the online dashboard or by sending us an email.