Dutch Publishers prefer Daisycon for affiliate marketing and lead generation

Which makes this our fifth consecutive win!

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For the fifth time in a row, and the seventh time if you count its predecessors, Daisycon has been awarded the title ‘preferred network of the Netherlands’. Dutch publishers have been casting their votes in the Yonego Survey, held by Dutch, Breda based, internet company Yonego. The results show that Daisycon has been voted not only the overall preferred network, but also ranked first regarding Publisher payments and the communication with its publishers.


Of course, at the Daisycon headquarters, we will all be celebrating this memorable event. Ever since the first Yonego Survey in 2009, Daisycon has swept all first prizes and we have every intention to keep on doing that. Combining our innovative system and our personal approach, we are clearly on the right track. The results of the Yonego Survey have stated that unequivocally. On the other hand we certainly realize that our efforts are just the fuel to our ambitions. We need to keep pushing ourselves to innovate more, adding more insights and features to our system, to keep learning more and to keep delivering more service to our esteemed customers. Our network will keep expanding, with a focus on their wishes and requirements.


The Yonego Survey also provides some interesting insights: about one third of the Dutch publishers have optimized their websites for mobile devices. The Daisycon network has been ready for monitoring mobile traffic for quite some time; our advertisers are keen to profit from the added value of mobile traffic. It also states that many of the Dutch publishers are not limiting their promotions to just The Netherlands. They are often active in other countries as well such as Belgium, Germany and France. Our innovative network supports four languages and all currencies.

We, the Daisycon staff, are very proud of this achievement. We are really honored to be working at the number one network; to be able to add our knowledge, our experience and our insights to the Daisycon system. We believe that winning this award is not just any milestone; it is a clear indication of where we stand as a network and a reflection of the ambitions of the staff.

And now: 2014!

As for 2014: we would love to be voted Preferred Network for the sixth time in a row. We realize it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but we are more than willing to put in the time and effort, because we are determined to serve our customers with only the best we can offer!