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To get the most out of your affiliate program at Daisycon, it requires time and effort from both publishers ánd advertiser. However, there are ways to simplify the management of your affiliate program! With little more automation you can save a lot more time and affiliate marketing becomes even more interesting.

That’s why Daisycon developed a detailed Application Programming Interface (API) which creates a more automated process for advertisers and publishers preventing human mistakes, optimizing the program and saving time and money.


For advertisers, it can take a lot of time to handle the orders that came out of the traffic and process these within their own back-office as well as in the Daisycon interface. Optionally there must be made manual changes to edit the order values or disapprove orders. This is a time-consuming and inefficient task to do

Also for publishers the promotion through the affiliate network sometimes means a lot of work. Sometimes the statistics are not in the back-office or are in other systems which makes it hard to keep the overview and manage the promotions effectively. Secondly the advertiser’s promotioncodes usually have an expiration date. After this date they won’t generate any more orders so they have to be removed from the website.

The API designed by Daisycon offers the solution!

Advertisers: best practices

The most used functionality by advertisers is the option to see statistics. With this service advertisers can easily export statistics even with optional filters like specific links, publishers and dates.

Mart van der Zanden from Fresh Fruit Digital says:

‘’At Greenhouse Group we have developed our own reporting tool which makes it possible for our clients to see the real-time performance of their campaigns. Off course the required information from our partners must be supplied real-time as well. The Daisycon API meets this need and lets us see the affiliate orders in our statistics right away. This way we save time and take out the ‘human errors’ so we have the correct information and statistics at the right time. With the time saved we can spend more time at optimizing our campaigns and keeping in contact with our publishers, clients and partners. The things that really matter when it comes to affiliate management!’’ 

Another widely used feature is the transaction approval in the own back-office. With this function advertisers can choose to approve or disapprove their transactions automatically, for example when transactions are paid with iDeal.

Rianne Doeve van Beate-Uhse (known from Christine le Duc):

‘’Thanks to the automatic approval of our transactions through the API, I can focus on other matters concerning the affiliate program, like keeping in contact with the publishers. Besides, the transactions are now being approved way more quicker which is a positive signal towards the publishers. This way we create a transparent relationship with them. I find it important to show our commitment to this campaign and show our appreciation to our publishers.’’

But, the API can do much more! Like adding transactions in the Daisycon system or edit commissions automatically when transactions are partially retoured. Also the media of publishers can be exported so, when cross referenced with other data and statistics, analyses can be made.  

Publishers like to link too!

Like with advertisers, the statistics service is very popular among Daisycon publishers.

Ruud Kok from Telefoonabonnement.nl says:

‘’We are using Daisycon’ s API intensively for a few years now to export detailed statistics. This way we are capable of managing the performance of any channel/and page of Telefoonabonnement.nl. The greatest result is an higher conversion rate for our advertisers.’’

Besides the general data like clicks and transactions per day or month it is also possible to retrieve data on transaction level. This way publishers can retrieve and process specific data.

Hans Wassink from Simpler.nl:

‘’Daisycon’ s API makes it easier for us to link certain individual transactions to our data.’’

Statistics and transactions are common data that are retrieved through the API and there are other types of data that can be exported, like general affiliate program details, the commissions, signup statuses of publishers and the latest news.

The owner of Datingsitekiezen.nl says:

‘’Thanks to the API I receive the latest trends en developments within my market, via email.’’

Lars Braamhaar from Mobiel Abonnemennt.nl says:

‘’We’re currently developing an high end website for mobile subscriptions. The API from Daisycon is a pleasure to work with and gives us all the high detail information we would like to use.

Keep on linking!

I hope that after reading this blogpost you are convinced of the possibilities and advantages the API can offer you. You have to identify the needs and requirements to determine what you would like to automate. Make sure you check out our developer page for more information.

If you need any assistance, our channel managers and technical support are at your service!