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Ideas Worth Doing DayTEDxYouth@Amsterdam is the TEDx event for young people (14-19 years old) with fresh and ideas and insights. They have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to innovative companies on a network meeting, scheduled for September 29.

Daisycon is always on the lookout for new and innovative minds and mindsets. Innovation is key for our fast moving market and therefore we are the proud sponsors for TEDxYouth. Besides making a financial contribution, one of Daiscyon’s CEO’s (Marko Dobroschelski) will make a personal contribution by becoming one of the TEDxYouth Buddies. Marko will share his knowledge and experience with one of the TEDxYouth contesters to help him or her on their way to success. Besides that, Marko is more than willing to learn a lot from this contenter on his part. 

Would you like to join us in this, by sponsoring this unique event? Please check the TEDxYouth website.