Daisycon further expands conversion attribution

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At Daisycon, advertisers use the ‘Engagement Mapping’ functionality as a form of conversion attribute. Engagement Mapping provides useful insights on the contributions of various publishers involved in a sale or, rather, conversion.

Last year, Daisycon had a first in the Benelux countries, by expanding this service with the ‘Conversion Assist’. This is an additional fee for publishers who were involved in various locations along the customer journey, or conversion path. Amongst others, both Nuon and OHRA (prime advertisers in utilities and financial services) have been successful in activating and engaging more, relevant publishers in their campaigns.

We are constantly working to further expand and optimize these functionalities. For example, now a visual overview is added to Engagement Mapping. Advertisers can now easily see, for any unique sales, not only the various publishers involved, but also the devices, operating system, and browsers being used by their visitors. These statistics are not only clearly displayed in the interface but are also easily exported. This enables comprehensive analysing, to further optimize promotions.

Engagement Mapping - Conversieattributie


These features are now available to all advertisers and are, of course, free of charge. This development is a new step towards an ever more complete image within a campaign and its associated publisher landscape. Conversion attribution is a useful but complex tool that needs to be carefully implemented. Daisycon’s channel managers will advise you on how to best use this in your industry.

Would you like to take advantage of these and more useful features to launch and optimize a campaign? Feel free to contact us.