Voucher code publishers: Blessing or curse?

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In affiliate marketing, the misperception that the use of voucher code publishers does not offer added value to an affiliate program regularly recurs. Amongst the arguments against the use of this type of publisher is, for example, the idea that voucher code publishers only generate the last click and thus receive a disproportionate amount of commission. As a result, publishers, who are traditionally at the beginning of the customer journey (such as content sites and bloggers) will not sign up for programs which allow voucher code publishers.

Solution can be found in technical tool

With the right technology, doubts about the use of voucher code publishers can be eliminated. Daisycon‘s Shopping Cart Pixel is a very effective and smart technique with which advertisers can maintain a successful relationship with interesting voucher code publishers and at the same time satisfy other publishers, without unnecessary high commissions. With this technique it is possible to “reserve” the commission at an earlier stage of the ordering process. This way, the publisher who send the visitor to the website in the first place will be rewarded the commission.

Shopping cart pixel

Measuring results with Engagement Mapping

When multiple publishers are involved in a transaction, it is important to correctly assign value to each publiher. Through Engagement Mapping, another smart technology from Daisycon, it becomes visible which publisher has actually converted the visitor. To optimize an affiliate program with data, transparency between publishers and advertisers is requiered.

E.g, Engagement Mapping provides insight into whether more than one publisher was involved in the transaction. This way, advertisers can decide to assign a higher commission to high-quality publishers, who often pop-up in the first steps of a transaction. This transparency is the key to a successful affiliate program.

Results from previous implementations show that voucher code publishers can ensure a substantial increase in traffic and sales. Thanks to this technology, advertisers can now cooperate effectively with voucher code publishers.

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Channel Fashion shows great promise

The Shopping Cart Pixel and Engagement Mapping have been successfully used for a number of years. Particularly advertisers in the fashion industry show a lot of potential when it comes to using voucher code publishers. With a high return percentage and changing weather forecasts and trends, advertisers in this sector regularly experience stock problems. In this case, a voucher code publisher can be the solution by quickly generating a lot of very specifically targeted traffic. For example, a special winter coat coupon or a promotional code for a bikini sale. This targeted traffic easily leads to high conversion rates and better stock circulation for the advertiser.

Some advertisers initially want to exclude voucher code publishers, for example to save costs in commissions, the Shopping Cart Pixel convinced them to use this type of publisher to actually increase sales and generate more income.

Conclusion: voucher code publishers add value to your program

From our experience we can definitely say that voucher code publishers offer added value to an affiliate program. With Daisycon’s smart tools and techniques voucher code publishers can be used to the advertiser’s advantage. In addition, the sales funnel will widen because a larger group of publishers will be motivated to promote the advertiser’s program. Also, not being visible to these publishers may result in a competitive disadvantage.

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