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About OpinionsLand
Your opinion is unique. That’s why countless decision makers across the globe are fascinated by it.
At OpinionsLand, we provide a platform for your voice to find the ears of those building the future.
Users can suscribe for free to the OpinionsLand survey panel in Denmark, share their opinion on various topics and be rewarded by vouchers.

Why promote OpinionsLand?

  • Wellknow and trusted brand

  • Attractive setup and payout

  • Global brand active in multiple countries

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 5.00
  • Keywordmarketing not allowed
  • Email marketing is allowed
  • Coupon codes not allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback not allowed
  • Social media is allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink not possible
  • Program active since 01-03-2019
  • Measuring time 30 days
  • Active in


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