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Help Care a Lot grow. Promote this campaign and receive a fee per submitted participant and lottery ticket. Care a Lot is the youngest charity lottery in the Netherlands. Care a Lot focuses entirely on improving the health and well-being of everyone in the Netherlands and abroad. With Care a Lot you choose which charity you want to play for. For example, if you choose to play for Stichting ALS or Stichting Voeding leeft, 50% of your deposit goes directly to your charity!

And at the same time you have a chance of winning fantastic prizes up to € 1.000.000,00. Care a Lot offers you 12 times a year a chance to win many prizes. A month's draw takes place on the first Monday of the month. Participants are automatically notified when they have won. The won prizes are also automatically transferred or sent. Nice and easy. A lottery ticket consists of 2 letters and 6 digits. Each participant has a fixed lot number(s) for all draws. This way you always know which numbers your lottery ticket number is playing with. In every draw there is a winning chance of 1 out of 5. Want to know more? Check:

Advantages of Care a Lot:

  • Broad and attractive target group
  • Innovative proposition to consumers
  • A fast growing organization
  • Full campaign material: texts and images
  • Active programme management
  • Quick inspection
  • Attractive fee

Terms and conditions of the Care a Lot affiliate program:

  • An approved sale is a sale from which the first paid month has been successfully collected.
  • It is not permitted to explicitly state that the lot(s) can be stopped at any time. However, it is allowed to indicate: 'You play along for as long as you want'.
  • It is not permitted to display banners and promote campaigns that are no longer live at Daisycon. When a campaign ends, this will be communicated in a timely manner.
  • Each text link or button must also display the "Play Aware 18+" logo on the page.
  • No media aimed at young people
  • Do not depict young people under the age of 26 as participants

What is affiliate marketing?

Do you have a website or other medium with which you want to promote the Care A Lot affiliate program? You can! The first thing you have to do is sign up with Daisycon. After you have been admitted to Daisycon and the campaign, you will have access to the banners and the link material. Place these links or banners on your website. For every visitor you forward that makes a transaction, you will receive a nice fee. This is called affiliate marketing.

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 12.50
    (more information)

    €1.00 - €5.00

  • Keywordmarketing partially allowed
    (more information)

    Allowed. Excluded brandname

  • Email marketing is allowed
    (more information)

    Care a Lot e-mail marketing conditions:
    - Shipping is only allowed after approval from Care a Lot.
    - Target group always consists of an age of 26 years and older.
    - No media aimed at young people.
    - Maximum 1 charity per e-mail and per month to the same segment.

  • Coupon codes is allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback is allowed
    (more information)

    Cashback allowed

  • Social media is allowed
    (more information)

    Social media allowed

  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink not possible
  • Program active since 14-05-2020
  • Measuring time 100 days
  • Active in


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