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BUX Zero, the easy way to start investing.
With BUX Zero we have made it easy to start investing. The app allows users to do more with their money for the medium to long term by investing in companies and industries they believe in. Through an intuitive app, users can invest without commission.

Why promote BUX Zero?

The financial market is moving and we see an increase in the number of users of our service. Current circumstances motivate people to start investing. Organic traffic is increasing and the conversion rate is better than ever.
  • USP to promote: Users receive a free share
  • commission based on name and adress.

  • Quick validation of sales

Terms and conditions:

*Please note that BUX offers three different products: BUX Zero (stock investing), BUX X (CFD), BUX C (Crypto). The guideline below is tailored to BUX Zero - Stock Investing, not applicable to other products of BUX.

1. For BUX Zero promotion: always include a risk warning NL: Beleggen kent risico’s. Je kunt je inleg verliezen. EN: Investing involves risks. You can lose your deposit. (for other products, different risk warning applies)

2. Risk warning has to be the size of predominant text, and should be positioned visible and clear. (see art. 44:

https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32017R 0565&from=NL)

3. If there is no risk warning in the texts, but there are banners including risk warning, seeing the banner in the context of the article, it is ok. The risk warning should still be the size of the predominant text. (example: https://meerbudget.nl/bux-zero-hoe-werkt-beleggen-met-bux-zero/)

4. If they get paid in any way for redirecting people to BUX this should be clear in the text, by mentioning it’s an advertisement or #ad. 5. Transparency Requirement: as long as the publishers get paid in any way to mention the name BUX, #ad is required (or #sponsored, #adv, #spon, #collab, #partner). This applies to social media, influencers, blog articles, even though they look organic and just providing “personal financial advice”. ( See point 3 of the Dutch Advertising Code)

6. If the influencer is speaking in the video they can actually say in the video that it is sponsored instead of writing it.

7. When referring to the AFM, make clear it only concerns BUX Zero. BUX’s other products (BUX X and BUX C) are not regulated by the AFM, but by another regulator. Mentioning only BUX where BUX X and BUX C are also part of will then be considered misleading.

8. Referring to the AFM should NOT be in a way that it seems the AFM approves BUX Zero, but that it is regulated by the AFM.

9. When mentioning *Free Share, reference to applicable conditions must be made. For example: *Please read all terms on P. 30 of the BUX Zero Client Agreement

10. Mentioning prices of BUX Zero should make a reference to the pricing page: https://getbux.com/bux-zero/zero-fees/ ‘

11. Neither affiliates nor BUX are allowed to give financial and/or investment advice. Avoid talking about individual stocks when promoting the BUX Zero affiliate program.

12. BUX Zero crypto products can be promoted in the affiliate program for the Netherlands only. The affiliate does need to make clear that the offering of crypto does not fall under the AFM license. There only is a DNB registration. This also is not a license. When talking about crypto we use the term ‘trading’ and not ‘investing’. When talking about BUX Zero crypto the following disclaimer should be implemented. ‘’BUX Alternative Investments B.V. has a registration with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) as a provider of crypto services. DNB supervises BUX Alternative Investments B.V.'s compliance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft) and the Sanctions Act 1977 (Sanctiewet 1977). BUX Alternative Investments B.V. is not under prudential supervision by DNB or under conduct supervision by the AFM. This means that there is no supervision of financial requirements or business risks and no specific financial consumer protection.

What is affiliate marketing?

Do you have a website or other medium with which you want to promote the Bux Zero NL affiliate program? You can! The first thing you have to do is sign up with Daisycon. After you have been admitted to Daisycon and the campaign, you will have access to the banners and the link material. Place these links or banners on your website. For every visitor you forward that makes a transaction, you will receive a nice fee. This is called affiliate marketing.

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 30.00
  • Keywordmarketing not allowed
  • Email marketing is allowed
    (more information)

    Newsletters need to be approved through the tool first.

  • Coupon codes not allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback not allowed
  • Social media is allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Program active since 08-09-2020
  • Measuring time 100 days
  • Active in


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