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Beyond Body

It is the first fully personalized weight loss book in the world. It guarantees that anyone can achieve their health goals by following customized nutrition, fitness, and habit-building programs. Each copy of this book is unique and created according to the customer's dietary preferences, lifestyle choices, and physical capabilities.

Working with an expert nutritionist or a personal trainer might become too expensive. However, popular diets created for the masses are not sufficient for individuals. We believe that personalized weight loss shouldn't be reserved only for people who can afford it. It should be available to anyone who needs to become the perfect version of themselves.

Beyond Body offers you a practical guidebook that helps build life-long healthy habits and guarantees sustainable weight loss without breaking the bank.

Beyond Body: Personalized weight loss book

Each book contains a 28-day meal plan to get you started and learn the main healthy cooking principles. Feel free to mix and match the ingredients to find the foods that are delicious to you.

You will also have to follow your own customized workout routine to keep your heart rate up. Increase your strength and flexibility while advancing from a total beginner to a workout hero.

Learn how to become the best version of yourself through a series of small, effortless changes in your daily routine. Try out this program for 28 days, and you will reap the benefits of healthy habits for the rest of your life.

Beyond Body is available in these languages: English, Norwegian, Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, German

€ 50 / 50 USD (discount codes are available for affiliates)

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

1 #1 Fully personalized weight loss book in the world
2 The ultimate level of personalization combined with top-quality content – your quiz answers determine the content of your book.
3 One weight loss and healthy lifestyle book for the rest of your life
4 You get exercises created exactly for your body type
5 You get simple ingredients and numerous substitutions so you can create 5-minute meals
6 A book that actually educates and motivates you throughout your weight loss journey

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