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A little less ...
The meat sector has become an industry in the past decades, completely shot through in more production and more consumption at the lowest price.The meat sector has in recent decades become an industry, completely shot through in more production and more consumption at the lowest price. At the expense of everything that lives: from the farmer, his animals and nature to the consumer. With this, the
attention for nature, the farmer and his animals and with that also the taste of meat largely lost.

For a little bit better!
Fortunately, more and more critical consumers and farmers are realizing this. By consciously choosing a little less, but a little better meat. Meat in which you can see the care and attention to the welfare of humans, animals and nature. There are more and more initiatives appearing on the market in which farmers and consumers are once again finding each other with a good story and an honest piece of meat.

Kirsten and Huub Marsman are 2 entrepreneurs from Haaksbergen who are very committed to the welfare of animals, farmers and the environment in Twente. Since 2014 they provide and deliver delicious and honest meat, directly from conscious farmers in Twente, to conscious consumers on their the plate. The meat is 100% traceable from animals that have had a good, natural and long outdoor life. And you can taste that in the full natural flavor and juicy structure of the meat of the meat. And that because of the short chain at a favorable price for both farmer and consumer. The margin does not disappear into the pockets of middlemen or retailers.

Simple ordering on VanonzeBoer.nl
The meat from our farmer in Twente is easy to order online at VanonzeBoer.nl. The consumer can choose from standard luxury packages of matured beef, pork or chicken. But it is also possible to put together a package entirely according to your wishes. But in addition, a package can be put together from all types of meat from the assortment including fresh meats, farmhouse cheese and meat marinades. After ordering, the farmer's meat is cut up, portioned and served by the butcher around the corner, portioned, vacuum packed and can be delivered to the consumer's home within 1 week. Provided with clear storage and preparation instructions and the necessary recipes. Ready to use or for storage in the freezer. So the consumer always has delicious and honest meat at home.

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  • Clear focus on the conscious consumer
  • Payout of 8% CPS
  • Average order value of € 115.-

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