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Quest Escapes offers modern games based on the concept of an escape room. Only then online or in the open air. Unlike a regular escape room, the games can also be played by large groups in teams of 2-4 people.

You can play our Outdoor Escape Games at any location in the world through our unique app. Enjoy the outdoors. The teams download our app and start the game with their own mobile phone or tablet. Before the game starts, our app (Apple and Android) creates a dynamic playing field around the starting location so that you discover a (new) city in an adventurous way.

Our Online Escape Games are perfect as an alternative to outdoor games. When it rains or simply because of the Corona pandemic last year, it turned out that it is popular among companies as an alternative to regular outings in the open air. You can also play these games remotely from your teammates from any living room or office. A meeting program such as Zoom or Skype is used for this.

After payment for the game, we immediately deliver the game rules and game code on our website to be active within 5 minutes. A unique formula whereby players can play our game within 5 minutes at any location in the world.

Benefits of our affiliate program
Temporary high reimbursements of up to 25%
Custom promotional codes with high discounts for readers possible
Custom promotional material possible
High conversion rate

What makes Quest Escapes games so unique?
The games are playable all over the world
You can start whenever you want
Playable within 5 minutes of checkout
Exploring a city in an adventurous way for about 2 hours
Playable in multiple languages

Want to play a demo yourself?
Request a demo play code and play the games yourself. Experience for yourself how much fun the games you can promote are!

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 2.50
  • Keywordmarketing not allowed
  • Email marketing is allowed
  • Coupon codes not allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback is allowed
  • Social media is allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Program active since 17-09-2021
  • Measuring time 100 days
  • Active in


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