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FreshZZP is an online accounting service that relieves ZZP'ers of their accounting, administration and invoicing. Sole proprietor or private limited company, FreshZZP takes care of it for the ZZP'er. From invoice entries to tax returns. Actually everything that makes that ZZP'ers can be ZZP'er, instead of struggling with bookkeeping or blue envelopes. Because say it yourself, you became a ZZP'er because of the freedom, right?

How does FreshZZP make the difference for the ZZP'er?

After purchasing the service online, FreshZZP takes its time to make sure everything is set up properly. We also arrange the transfer of your current accountant. We do this without extra costs. The approach is personal and we understand that handing over your bookkeeping is about trust. A good on-boarding is half the work. After this is done we start keeping the books. Without bothering you, but always insightful. Your administration is always "up to date".

Why do ZZP'ers like to work with FreshZZP?

Because we invest in the relationship with the ZZP'er and understand that unburdening is not the same as not hearing anything. You are happy, we are happy. We currently serve around 200 ZZP'ers. So far we have only lost two clients, on our initiative. There are ZZP'ers who work with us from the start of their business and would not want it any other way. See the references on our website, at and . Our team has a can-do mentality and is easily accessible. Often even outside office hours. Simply because we enjoy our work.

Why do publishers want to work with FreshZZP?

  • The labor market is becoming more flexible. The number of self-employed workers in the Netherlands continues to increase. Self-employed persons are legally obliged to conduct accounting and administration, but often want to spend as little time as possible on this. An accounting package alone means that the freelancer has to do the work himself. FreshZZP takes care of everything at affordable prices. The demand for administration ZZP is high, which means that income for publishers with the right target group is stable. FreshZZP offers for the self-employed: the Plus, DGA or Start Your Own package
  • The FreshZZP solution offers a good alternative for freelancers who do not want an accounting package, but want to be completely unburdened. For example, publishers can easily add the service of FreshZZP to their existing offer
  • FreshZZP assesses the leads weekly, so publishers get paid quickly.
  • Cookie is valid for 120 days. There is more time for earning commissions
  • FreshZZP is easily accessible for customers, but also for publishers. To ask? Comments, we are open to it. Our goal is to increase our market share in a relaxed way. Collaboration is the key to success for us

When does the publisher earn the commission?

FreshZZP is one of the few to offer the ZZP'er the possibility to conclude the service online. As soon as the first payment is completed online, for the Plus, DGA or Zelf beginnen package, the publisher earns the commission.

Because the cookie remains valid for the generous period of 120 days, visitors who don't sign up right away but who do later will also earn the commission for the publisher.

What is affiliate marketing?

Do you have a website or other medium with which you want to promote the Fresh ZZP affiliate program? You can! The first thing you have to do is sign up with Daisycon. After you have been admitted to Daisycon and the campaign, you will have access to the banners and the link material. Place these links or banners on your website. For every visitor you forward that makes a transaction, you will receive a nice fee. This is called affiliate marketing.

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 60.00 - 100.00
  • Keywordmarketing is allowed
  • Email marketing is allowed
  • Coupon codes is allowed
  • Product listing ads is allowed
  • Cashback is allowed
  • Social media is allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Program active since 02-03-2022
  • Measuring time 120 days
  • Active in


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