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NextEnergy is a new Dutch energy supplier and delivers the Dutch consumer energy against very competitive wholesale prices. Unlike the regular suppliers, NextEnergy offers dynamic energy contracts. NextEnergy works with a subscription fee which enables them to keep the energy prices low. No profit is made over the energy usage of the consumer. That way they are working on making the energy market a more fair and transparent place. Lately this market has been in the news a lot, due to the high prices, the energy ceiling and the (exorbitant) profits of the traditional suppliers.

Why promote the NextEnergy affiliate program?

  • High commission
  • Expected high conversion rate because of low energy rates
  • High attention value in the news and with consumers
  • Also available in the Daisycon comparison tool
  • Fast to pay commission

Benefits for the consumer
  • No profit on consumer energy usage
  • 100% green energy
  • Fixed advance to keep from surprises and high energy bills during the winter
  • Take control on your energy bill
  • Terminable daily, no fin

What is affiliate marketing?

Do you have a website or other medium with which you want to promote the NextEnergy affiliate program? You can! The first thing you have to do is sign up with Daisycon. After you have been admitted to Daisycon and the campaign, you will have access to the banners and the link material. Place these links or banners on your website. For every visitor you forward that makes a transaction, you will receive a nice fee. This is called affiliate marketing.

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 20.00 - 40.00
    (more information)

    Single fuel €20,-
    Double fuel €40,-

  • Keywordmarketing not allowed
    (more information)

    Brand bidding is not allowed. Sales generated by brand biding will be disapproved

  • Email marketing is allowed
    (more information)

    Provide a preview in the e-mail approval tool

  • Coupon codes is allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback not allowed
  • Social media not allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Program active since 23-12-2022
  • Measuring time 100 days
  • Active in


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