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ZorgKiezer.nl has been the largest independent health insurance comparison site for seven years! Every year more than 750,000 consumers compare their health insurance at Zorgkiezer. Through our website all health insurers can be compared on premium, conditions and discounts. The cheapest or best provider can be chosen directly online (with discount). We have a free transfer service where we cancel the old insurance for the customer.

Target group

  • Average age 34 years

  • 43 percent female and 57 percent male

  • Wives, singles, partners, zzp’ers

Transition characteristics

  • Young people switch more often than older people.

  • Women between 18-30 switch about 20 percent more often than men between 18-30.

  • Healthy policyholders in each age group transfer about 20 percent more often than unhealthy policyholders

  • Transfers are relatively more likely to be highly educated than stayers.

  • Insured parties living in the Randstad and the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland switch the most.

  • Families with children form the largest group of switchers.

Assessment and deduplication:

Prepaid channels:
  • Deduplicate on display advertising:No

  • Double on Adwords branded: No

  • Double on Adwords generic: Yes

  • Double on Organic / Direct: No

  • Double on Newsletters: No

Postpaid channels:
  • Double on affiliate networks: Yes

  • Double on partners (CPS): Yes

Registration of a transaction: Policy closed, last cookie from Daisycon

Reason for rejection:
Zorgkiezer.nl's basic principle is that 1 paid channel is used per sale. Therefore there is deduplication on: Adwords (generic), partners and other affiliate channels.
In addition, the insurer can reject the application for example: existing customer within the organization, registration customer as defaulter, not accepted on additional care package, incorrect data, etc.

Insurers who are reimbursed:

  • Anderzorg

  • Bewuzt

  • CZ

  • CZdirect

  • Just

  • De Amersfoortse

  • NN

  • Menzis

  • OHRA

  • ONVZ

  • Pro Life

  • VGZ

  • Students Goed Verzekerd

  • UnitedConsumers

  • ZieZo Zilveren Kruis

  • Zilveren Kruis Achmea

  • De Friesland

The other parties are NOT reimbursed by Zorgkiezer.

Promotion by Publishers

  • Savings programs: Yes, in consultation with daisycon / zorgkiezer.nl

  • Cashback parties:Yes, in consultation with daisycon / zorgkiezer.nl

  • E-mail:Yes, in consultation with daisycon / zorgkiezer.nl

  • Discount code:Yes, limited possible in consultation with daisycon / zorgkiezer.nl. It is never allowed to offer a promotion from the discount code site, only the possible offered promotion from zorgkiezer itself

  • Social Media: No virtual currency, no ads, only links to your own website and not that of the advertiser.

    Duplicate transactions
    • We do not use a catch all script

    • We apply a disallowance on paid channels taking into account the last cookie counts principle.

    • PAN Code of Conduct.
      Notice! This advertiser uses a measurement method that deviates from the standards recommended by the PAN in the Code of Conduct for conversion attribution and deduplication of transactions. As a result, the network cannot control the measurement and correct attribution of transactions.

      This advertiser deduplicates transactions of publishers with other channels than affiliate marketing namely : AdWords. This does not comply with the PAN guidelines.

      This advertiser applies this technique across all affiliate networks where the program is active. The different method may have adverse effects on the advertiser's conversion rate.

      You can read more about the code of conduct here: http://vpan.nl/nieuws/pan_komt_met_gedragscode_voor_ontdubbeling_en_conversieattributie.html  

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Program data

  • Commission EUR 26.50
  • Keywordmarketing not allowed
    (more information)

    No permitted

  • Email marketing partially allowed
    (more information)

    Please send a preview to [email protected] for approval before mailing.

    please state the date of mailing, and the amount of adresses to be used.

  • Coupon codes not allowed
  • Product listing ads not allowed
  • Cashback partially allowed
    (more information)

    Cashback not allowed in euro, only in points
    cashback on click not allowed, only cashback per sale.

  • Social media partially allowed
  • Sub ID possible
  • Productfeed not possible
  • Deeplink not possible
  • Program active since 04-12-2012
  • Measuring time 30 days
  • Active in


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