Code of Conduct

The ethical basis of our work

Our Code of Conduct

In our code of conduct, we are happy to share with you how we work in the areas of human rights and working conditions, the environment and business integrity. In addition to the fact that we ourselves work according to the principles in our code of conduct, we also expect this from all publishers, advertisers and other relations with whom we collaborate.

Human rights and working conditions

  • We treat our employees with respect and dignity and we expect this from all our relations.
  • We do not accept discrimination on any grounds.
  • We are committed to a workplace free of intimidation or other undesirable behavior, in the broadest sense of the word.
  • We respect human rights, the rights of employees and local communities.
  • We ensure safe working conditions and a healthy working environment.
  • Employees are free to unite or to be a member of an employee organization.
  • We have drawn up a whistleblower policy for reporting abuses within our organization.
  • In order to limit the impact of an emergency situation, we have an emergency response and evacuation protocol.


  • To reduce our negative impact on the environment, we make every effort to reduce our waste production as much as possible and to prevent it wherever possible.
  • We dispose of our industrial waste in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.


  • We stand for transparent, ethically responsible and fair business operations, within which there is no room for corruption, embezzlement or extortion in any form whatsoever.
  • Accepting a bribe or any other form of offer for the purpose of obtaining an advantage is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest at all times and will communicate openly and transparently.



Daisycon is part of Linehub, a collective of marketing agencies. Our employees are part of a larger team in which we reinforce, trust and test each other.

Within Linehub:

  • We think result driven. Only the best is good enough.
  • We act sympathetically. You get a big smile and our devoted attention, always.
  • We are inventive. Anyway, we make it work.
  • We ar social. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • We are driven. We are getting better every day, every day.
  • We are competent. We walk the walk and talk the talk.

This translates into our day-to-day as follows:

Everyone contributes
As said, teamwork makes it a success.

We do it together.
We work together, ask questions and offer help to others.

Taking responsibility
We are all encouraged to steer our projects in the right direction. In one way or the other, we make it a success.

Always communicate
Nobody likes to be in the dark. That is why we ensure that our colleagues and customers are up-to-date. We are assertive and clear.

Feedback is the key to success
We learn from each other. We are open to feedback and give feedback back. We make sure it’s valuable, so it helps us all to move forward.

Over deliver
We like to surprise our customers and give them more than they expect. It gives energy to the project and all people who work on it.

We feel our values ​​in everything we do. Together we are the most driven marketing network.