Market research comparison

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Market research comparison

Unlock Publishing Success with Daisycon’s Market Research Comparison Tool!In the dynamic world of digital publishing, this stands out as the secret weapon that savvy publishers are leveraging to redefine success.With this tool, we make it super easy to promote the right survey campaigns for your targeted audience. Just like the other Daisycon comparators, the Market Research Comparison tool can be placed on your website within three clicks.We do the work, you only have to come get your code!

  • All of the large and a lot of extra panel parties are included.
  • Preset your desired country/language – age – gender – reward. 
  • Option to promote either all, or your own selection of campaigns.
  • Automatically shows only campaigns that currently have publisher budget.
  • Use our WordPress Plugin or myDaisycon Widget Configurator and use the default setting or define your own look-and-feel.
  • Set the preference filters yourself, and see immediately how the tool works out on different devices.
  • Conversion-oriented design with fast loading time.

To use these tools, you must agree to the Daisycon terms and conditions regarding comparators and widgets. You do this automatically by including the tool. The conditions can be found under ‘Accept Terms’.