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28 Dec 2017 -  
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Voucher code publishers: Blessing or curse?

20 Dec 2017 -   In affiliate marketing, the misperception that the use of voucher code publishers does not offer added value to an affiliate program regularly recurs. Amongst the arguments against the use of this...
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Black Friday: twice the amount of transactions

21 Nov 2017 -   On the 24th and 27th of November 2017, a conversion phenomenon will take place in online retail: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Traditionally, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving...
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Q and A: Conversion attribution at Daisycon

17 Aug 2017 -   "Conversion Attribution means assigning a certain value to publishers who have contributed to a converting visitor” Conversion attribution is a hot item. But to be blunt: there is no...
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Assign the right commission with the Shopping Cart Pixel

06 Jul 2017 -   To assign a commission to a publisher several methods of conversion attribution can be used. Daisycon’s Shopping Cart Pixel makes it possible to reserve a commission for one specific publisher...
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Daisycon further expands conversion attribution

13 Jun 2017 -   At Daisycon, advertisers use the ‘Engagement Mapping’ functionality as a form of conversion attribute. Engagement Mapping provides useful insights on the contributions of various...
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Daisycon makes conversion assists more transparent

15 Mar 2017 -   Daisycon recently introduced a new feature in conversion attribution. This "Conversion Assist” allows advertisers to allocate an additional fee to publishers who have made a significant...
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Daisycon seasons greetings

23 Dec 2016 -  
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Daisycon Belgium moves within Antwerp

05 Dec 2016 -   As of December 5th Daisycon Belgium has moved to a new office within Antwerp. The new Belgian performance marketing hotspot: the WATT-tower on the Mechelsesteenweg in downtown Antwerp. This former...
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Daisycon further expands cross device tracking

07 Sep 2016 -   Performance marketing network Daisycon expands cross device tracking further. Daisycon has supported cross device tracking for many years, for traffic from different devices within the same Wi-Fi...
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