CPC Advertising

Use CPC Advertising with banners to rapidly and economically generate increased traffic to your website. You also generate extensive coverage within your online target group.

  • Daisycon's CPC network includes hundreds of websites.
  • Attract large numbers of visitors to your website while boosting brand recognition: your banner will, on average, be viewed 300 times per click.
  • You set your budget in advance, so that the volume of traffic and the costs remain entirely within your own control.
  • CPC Advertising can be used to provide short-term support to a campaign or to systematically attract a minimum number of visitors to your website.

Daisycon launched the very first banner network in the Netherlands with the Kliks.nl website. The Kliks brand no longer exists, but Daisycon still provides the service as CPC advertising.

How does CPC advertising work?

Daisycon's CPC network is made up of hundreds of websites that display the banners. This network generates your impressions and clicks, based on the budget set by you. If required, Daisycon can provide expert support for the development of your banners.

If you wish to increase your online returns through CPC advertising, then please contact us.

Other forms of performance based online marketing Daisycon can offer you

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