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In the year 2000 Daisycon was one of the pioneers that introduced performance based online marketing to the Netherlands. In the years that followed, we experienced explosive growth. At first three brands, kliks.nl, affiliates.nl and leadbutler.nl, were managed separately. As of 2007, the separate brands were dropped and combined under the Daisycon banner. This made Daisycon a one stop shop for performance based online marketing, offering three distinct services:


We currently have a staff of approximately 75 people. Our publisher network consists of nearly 70,000 websites with an average of 1,600 active advertisers, making Daisycon the largest affiliate network in the Netherlands.


European presence

Currently campaigns are offered throughout Europe. While Daisycon started with only domestic promotions, after only a few years international expansion was looming. Belgium at first, Germany followed and France soon after. On each of these specific focus countries dedicated channel- and publisher managers are now at work on realising further growth. As of 2014 the market share in Belgium increased even further thanks to the acquisition of Belgian ad network AdForce. Furthermore, the Belgian office was opened in Mechelen.


The Daisycon interface is fully inhouse developed. A team of dedicated specialist are continually engineering new features. The aim is to evolve performance based online marketing in to a data driven, smart solution. With Daisycon Connect for instance, a smart match is made between publishers and advertisers. Connecting the most relevant media and target groups increases the chance on converting traffic.


The online advertising market is destined to grow in the coming years as internet usage continues to expand. One consequence of this is the shift of marketing budgets from offline to online media. New players continue to enter the market, while there is a convergence in the functionality on offer to publishers and advertisers. Daisycon's vision is that it will distinguish itself in this landscape through its advertisers' database, its level of service, its reliability and its progressive approach to technology. If you need professional, result-oriented online advertising, then you need Daisycon.


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