Create new partnerships using dedicated promotion codes.

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9 years ago Daisycon developed an innovative feature: The dedicated promotion codes, in the years we have improved the technology and it became part of the new promotion tool earlier this year.

What are dedicated promotion codes?

It is quite simply the best tool that exists for affiliate advertisers to reward their publishers that can’t always generate a lot of clicks but are valuable for the promotion of their campaign. It offers the possibility to create a unique promotion code for a specific publisher and all transactions that will be done by consumers using this specific code will register a transaction for the publisher the code was made for.
Dedicated promotion codes do not rely on the standard affiliate tracking where a transaction needs to be matched to an affiliate click, and therefore are not impacted by any tracking prevention methods or cookie blockers. They can be seen as a unique attribution method that allows the publisher to be rewarded fairly for his promotion.

What kind of partnerships can you create using dedicated promotion codes?

Since generating a click becomes irrelevant with this technology it opens the door to a lot of new types of partnerships, they are mostly used for:

Influencers: Influencers can promote a campaign using a dedicated code and will make sure to be rewarded for all transactions that are done using this code. This offers them better revenues than using normal attribution.

Content websites: Like influencers, content websites rarely accept to work on a standard performance model because they know that the chance is high that transactions of their redirected visitor will be assigned to other publishers. Dedicated promotion code removes that fear and allows you to work easily with them without having to pay high one off fixed fees.

Communities: Dedicated promotion codes are the best tool for communities. It also gives them the chance to share the code without requiring a click. This finally allows word-to-mouth marketing and even the possibility to promote on physical material like leaflets for example.

This is only a small part of the opportunities of dedicated promotion codes. They make thinking out of the box measurable and therefore open a lot of promotion doors.

How do you set up dedicated promotion codes?

The first step is to make sure that your current conversion tracking does register the promotion code that was used during the sale. The promotion code (pr) variable is automatically added by the standard solutions Daisycon has available for several CMS systems. If you have implemented the tracking code through Google Tag Manager or hard coded in your thank you page, make sure it uses the promotion code (pr) variable. In case of doubts contact us for support.

Follow the steps in our Promotion Code FAQ article to add dedicated promotion codes as material on your campaign.

Glenn Goudsmit, Head of International Operations

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– Glenn Goudsmit, Head of International Operations