Daisycon helps advertisers and publishers enter the Luxembourg market

Author: Annelies Tans, Senior Channel Manager

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As an international affiliate network, one of our big advantages is the opportunity to easily enter new markets. In the summer of 2020 Daisycon Belgium has therefore taken the first steps together with some publishers and advertisers in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has a modest, but not to be underestimated, share within the Benelux market. Some 93% of the population is active online, which is above the European average (source (Dutch): Emerce).

Our team in Belgium has substantial knowledge of this market and is able to support advertisers and publishers with their growth objectives. In this blog I will therefore give you some practical tips to prepare for promotion in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg is often left out of marketing activities, being labeled as an “underdog”. Well known reasons are: it is unknown territory, the relatively small market seems negligible, or advertisers do not speak the language well (enough). However, there is potential for growth for both advertisers and publishers.

The Luxembourg market has experienced stable growth over the past 5 years, with an average annual growth rate of 10%(source (Dutch): Statista)

In order to grow successfully internationally, it is therefore important to localise. Do you opt for French or German communication? With Affiliate Marketing’s in-depth local knowledge and years of experience, our team will help you get started quickly and easily.

Same commitment, more results

For brands that are already active on the Walloon, French or German market, the step is actually very small to also serve the Luxembourg market. Also at Daisycon it is, by means of a simple click, easy to target the active affiliate campaigns on Luxembourg. In addition, you can use the same statistics and materials. In this way, publishers, with reach in Luxembourg, can help to realise your growth.

Do you have a separate website for Luxembourg? Even better! Set up your own affiliate campaign with full focus on Luxembourg. The big advantage is that you can manage all your markets and campaigns in the same place and use international publishers for this. In addition, a team of experienced affiliate marketing specialists will guide you in managing and optimising these campaigns.

5 questions you need to ask yourself before you can enter the Luxembourg market:

  1. First make an inventory of what you already have: Do you have multiple websites for multiple markets? Or perhaps one website with different language settings? It is easy to set up a separate Luxembourg campaign for a .lu domain, but Luxembourg can also be targeted from an (existing) .fr, .de or .be website.
  2. Develop or recycle promotional material: Do you have promotional material that publishers can use? French and/or German promotional material is crucial for the Luxembourg market. Think of an extensive product feed, including product characteristics that publishers can use.
  3. Set up a ditribution plan: Can your products or services be delivered in Luxembourg? Are the payment options tailored to this local market? Can customer support be offered in French/German?
  4. Research payment methods: Have you thought about the payment method of your new Luxembourg customers? For example, is your payment method in your webshop supported by Luxembourg banks? Are credit cards used more often?
  5. Map out the market Is the Luxembourg market ready for your product or service? Despite the great potential for most advertisers, there are a few sectors that are doing remarkably well online in Luxembourg. Think for example of luxury brands, such as watches and jewellery. Books, household and electronic products also score well. Curious about the potential for your product or service? Please contact me.

Are you already active as a publisher

There are also great opportunities for publishers in this market. As a Walloon, French or German publisher you may already have some traffic from Luxembourg on your webshop. Take a closer look at how you can increase this traffic and also expand your Luxembourg offer. Maybe it is an idea to invest in a .lu domain?

If you are already internationally active as a publisher, for example as a Google Shopping Partner or as a SEA publisher, it might be worthwhile to expand your activities to our small, neighbouring country.

Wil je meer weten over promotie in Luxemburg?

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Annelies Tans, Senior Channel Manager Belgium, Daisycon (part of Linehub)