Daisycon further expands cross device tracking

Date of publication:

Performance marketing network Daisycon expands cross device tracking further. Daisycon has supported cross device tracking for many years, for traffic from different devices within the same Wi-Fi network.

The new deterministic matching method has recently been extensively tested and is now available to all customers. This innovation ensures that the advertiser better recognizes the customer journey and can optimize its ROI.

Market figures indicate that more than 60% of the customer journeys happen cross device. This continues to increase due to a growing number of devices per user. Traditional measurement methods are therefore increasingly lagging behind.

Daisycon distinguishes itself by its focus on optimizing the matching technology. Thanks to its in-house developed technology it is able to quickly adept to developments or properly innovate and give direction to the market.

Daisycon stresses that it prefers the term ‘matching’. No traceable profile will be made of website visitors, so the term ‘tracking’ is not in place. This evolved form of cross matching device meets the stringent Dutch privacy guidelines.

Cross-device matching is presented in line with the recently developed Daisycon Conversion Assist. This allows the advertiser to reward publishers who made a significant contribution to a conversion, with an additional fee. This way not only the last-click publisher is rewarded but also influencers earlier in the customer journey, like bloggers, are rewarded.

Marko Dobroschelski, CEO Daisycon about this development:

‘’For an advertiser it is becoming more important to find the right sources of ROI on marketing spending. We steer away from the ‘gut feeling’ and guessing, we have the data and technology. We want to determine the facts. Investment in branding should ultimately be recouped by actual sales. By cross device matching we can better determine the contribution to the ROI for each partner and thereby reward the right partners. This technology is not only important in performance-based marketing, that is why we will also offer cross-matching device outside the Daisycon network.’’

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