Daisycon launches Market Research Comparison Engine

High performance engine, easily integrated

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Daisycon has launched a new comparison engine for international survey and market research platforms. This engine enables you as a publisher to generate revenue through affiliate marketing in a quick and easy way. Based on the experiences of advertisers, publishers and our internal online marketing specialists, the market research comparison engine was newly created and thoroughly tested.

Conversion optimization through better user experience

All available campaigns at Daisycon are automatically included in the comparator. You will get access to campaigns from top clients from the industry, such as GFK, Ipsos, Dynata, Toluna, Kantar and Yougov. Thanks to the clear filter options in the comparator, your visitors can easily set preferences and intentions. This user-friendliness and filter options contribute to an increased CTR and better conversion. When configuring the comparator you can choose to set-up geo’s and filters, aimed at your visitors.

Key take-aways

  • Extensive range of international campaigns available
  • Conversion optimization through intuitive user experience
  • Optimal mobile user experience
  • Clear, modern design with handy filters
  • Customization options available for several buttons and call-to-actions
  • Free of use and 100% of commissions are reimbursed


Check the live demo and start promoting

International reach

Daisycon has a broad range of international advertisers active in its network. This allows the engine to be used in practically all geo’s. All available survey campaigns at Daisycon are automatically included in the comparator. Thanks to the clear filter options in the engine, visitors can easily set certain preferences and survey preferences. This way, every user can very quickly find the best fitting survey sites.

Modern look, responsive and fully matching your interface

The comparison engine fits in seamlessly with publisher websites. A neutral look, in a modern jacket. By working with clear, calm colours and an open design, the results are offered in a lean user interface to check all results at a glance.

The neutral appearance means that the data comparator can be fitted to any type of media, whereby part of your CSS is automatically taken over by the comparator. In addition, you can also change various settings yourself in order to put the finishing touches to the equation, so that the engine can be perfectly integrated into your media. The engine is fully responsive, so mobile traffic is also served.

Configure the engine

The engine is easily implemented. Log-in to MyDaisycon, go to the ‘widgets’ menu and follow the simple steps of the configurator.

Directly after the steps in the configurator have been completed, you will see a preview. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can retrieve the code with which you can place the engine on your website. After pasting the code and publishing it, the comparator is immediately available for your visitors.

The set-up is hassle free: campaigns are automatically ranked by the most profitable for you and are stopped automatically. You will be the first one to promote new and / or exclusive offers. Import to know is that the engine conventiantly requires only one approval to start promoting, you don’t have to register on every single campaign.

Check the live demo and start promoting

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