The Marketplace at Daisycon

Generate easy and quick boosts

Author: Lars Wiesner

Date of publication:

Branding and additional exposure are essential parts to any online campaign, also within Affiliate Marketing. For this reason, Daisycon is happy to release the Marketplace which enables advertisers to make use of the full potential that our publishers provide. The Marketplace gives advertisers the opportunity to buy additional ad inventory with ease to boost their campaigns and generate additional brand visibility.

Easy and convenient

By using the Marketplace, Daisycon’s publishers can provide information on their available premium ad space in an easy and convenient way. Advertisers are able to review prepared packages, book them directly and thereby boost their campaign without delay and within their own account. The Marketplace automatizes everything related to planning, finance and execution, including proof of delivery from the publisher.

Custom collaborations

Next to prepared “off the rack” offers, publishers and advertisers can discuss custom partnerships to tailor their promotions just the way they need them. Advertisers can then profit from interesting rates, propositions and bonuses to make their promotions even more successful. Additionally, it is easier to establish long term exposure between publishers and brands. Via the Marketplace we enable stronger connections, and give both publishers and advertisers independence in collaborating closer with each other.

Using the Marketplace

Are you interested in finding out more about the Marketplace and how it works? Check out our FAQ articles that we have written about this new feature. You can find the advertiser FAQ here and the publisher FAQ here. Feel free to reach out to your contact at Daisycon if you have any questions about the new Marketplace.

We also encourage you to check out the Marketplace in your account yourself. As an advertiser, as well as a publisher, you can find it under the menu “Marketplace”.

This is just the start

We want to provide our partners with the best possible experience when using the Marketplace. For this reason, the Day 1 version of the Marketplace will certainly not be the last version. We already have many ideas which we are going to implement in the future.

Do you have suggestions?

Do not hesitate to reach out to your contact at Daisycon. Every input is highly appreciated.