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Last update: 05-09-2018

The cookie statement for the services of Daisycon B.V. (referred to hereafter as: Daisycon) is set out on this page. This document is a translation from the original in Dutch. Since our headquarters is based in the Netherlands, the Dutch cookie statement is leading.

For the sake of clarity about the cookies Daisycon uses, we will first offer an explanation before going into more detail about exactly what the Daisycon cookies do and what data Daisycon stores. We end this document with an explanation about Daisycon’s data security.

Affiliate Cookies

For its service, Daisycon uses only one type of cookies, so-called ‘Affiliate cookies’.

“Affiliate cookies are not intended to collect information about the user, but about the affiliate, which affiliate is entitled to the reward because his advertisement resulted in a sale, if the information obtained with the affiliate cookies is only used for these purposes, this will have no or hardly any consequences for the privacy of the internet user and this type of cookies is covered by the exception. ” Minister Kamp Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, May 2013


With ‘the exception’ the minister referred to the exception in the Telecommunications Act. Affiliate cookies have been exempted from this Act since the actual amendment of the law in February 2015, which means that the Advertiser, Publisher or Affiliate Network does not have to ask for permission before they place an Affiliate cookie.

Due to the limited privacy aspect and the fact that Daisycon needs this data for its services, Daisycon invokes Legitimate Interest within the GDPR as the lawful bases for processing. As a result, Daisycon does not require explicit permission from the Consumer to perform the matching. This also applies to the processing of this data when a visitor of the Publisher website clicks through to the Advertiser through one of our domains. To pass on the matching data, we act as Data Controller together with the advertiser. For this we have drawn up a standard processor agreement. This can be read here.

The Advertiser or Publisher must inform his or her visitors about the use of Affiliate cookies and the use of Matching data. Advertisers can do this by including the following standard text in their privacy statement. Publishers can use this text. Where possible, Daisycon informs visitors, as being the Affiliate Network, by referring to this document in as many places as possible.


For the sake of clarity we distinguish different users:

1. You are a visitor to one of Daisycon’s Advertisers or Publishers and do not have an account at Daisycon

You come into contact with Daisycon by clicking on a link – set up via Daisycon’s service provision – to a website. Facilitating this click is part of Daisycon’s service (for example Affiliate Marketing or Lead Generation). In order to carry out these services Daisycon stores some -anonymous- data for Publishers and Advertisers. Daisycon also uses Affiliate cookies.

How does Daisycon use Affiliate cookies for its advertising services?

Matching technology

Daisycon offers its Advertisers the possibility of performance based marketing. Performance based marketing is a fair form of advertising because the Advertiser is only paying for actual and measurable results. To be able to reward this measurable result a match must be made between the Publisher that redirected the visitor and the transaction generated at the Advertiser’s website.

Daisycon stores as little data as possible for its matching technology (privacy by design). Data that we store is anonymised as much as possible. This is handled with the utmost care and secured and not sold to third parties. The data is not used to create or use ‘behavioral’ customer profiles.

The Affiliate cookies and data from Advertisers are only used in order to measure which Publisher has referred a visitor to the website of an Advertiser. The cookies are saved a maximum of 1 year. For more information see below for the list of the cookies that Daisycon is using for matching purposes.

The data that Daisycon stores for matching purposes are:

  • Country of the browser.
  • Hashed browser version and settings.
  • An anonymous IP Hash (Secure Hash Algorithm).
  • An anonymous Email Hash (Secure Hash Algorithm) (optional for cross device measurements).
  • Device Type (pc/Smartphone/tablet).

The above mentioned information is used by Daisycon (in the absence of a cookie) to make a match between the click from the Publishers and the Transaction with the advertiser. Daisycon does NOT store non-anonymized IP-addresses. This data is stored for a maximum of 5 years.

List of cookies

The duration of an Affiliate cookie is linked to the factual maximum measuring time of the Campaign. The maximum measuring time is 1 year.


Type: Affiliate cookie (session) Daisycon
Function: Guarantee the uniqueness and measures if from a Click in a session a Transaction is generated at the Advertiser.
Data: Random unique number (no data).

  • DCI, PDC

Type: Affiliate cookie Daisycon
Function: Guarantee visitor uniqueness and measure whether the click generates a transaction with the Advertiser within the session.
Data: Random unique number (no data).

  • ci_{program_ID} , ca_{program_ID} , si_{program_ID}

Type: Affiliate cookie Daisycon
Function: To measure whether the click generates a transaction with the Advertiser.
Data: Random unique number, Date + time, Program_id (Advertiser), Cartlock (is used to determine which Publisher should be paid), Link_id (which link was used), Website_id (Publisher), SubID (variable that the publisher can add).

  • __cfduid

Type: Functional cookie
Function: Cookie is needed to use the  CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic. This is placed at the click to the Advertiser and when the conversion pixel is fired.
Data: Random unique numberIt has no funciton in the Daisycon matching process, nor does it store any personally identifiable information.

Transaction data with Affiliate Marketing

If a Transaction is generated via the link of a Publishers affiliated with Daisycon, the Advertiser passes Transaction Data to Daisycon. This data is needed for:

  • Giving to the Publisher the right compensation for his promotion,
  • have the transactions validated by the advertiser,
  • optimize the promotion by publishers and advertiser.

Transaction data is stored in the Daisycon system. Daisycon makes a distinction between data that is 100% anonymous and data that can be traced back to a person in theory. Daisycon does not store any direct personal data for their Affiliate Marketing department, but some Transaction Data or in combination with other data can be traced back to a person.

This anonymous data concerns; product descriptions, sales / commission values, and demographic and geographical characteristics. Which cannot be traced back to a person.

The above Transaction Data is shared with Publisher (s) that contributed to the Transaction. Data that is shared is always anonymous and can never be traced back to a person.

In addition to the anonymous Transaction data, the advertiser can provide a Transaction ID from his system for internal control purposes. This Transaction ID can be redirected by the advertiser to a person and thus personalization. This Transaction ID is not shared with the Publisher, but replaced for an anonymous Daisycon Transaction ID. Due to the technical process, the IP address is passed on to Daisycon. This address is only stored anonymously in the Daisycon system.

For the transmission of the Transaction data, we act as Data processor for the advertiser. For this we have drawn up a standard processor agreement. This can be read here.

The Article 2.9 of the General Publisher Conditions – which Publishers must accept before they can register with Daisycon – guarantees that Transaction and click data may only be stored and / or edited by Publisher in order to promote the relevant Advertiser more effectively or for the making analyzes and that data must be adequately protected. In addition, they must adhere to the processor agreement that has been entered into with Daisycon.

Publishers data

Publishers can pass on possible personal data via the matching links (subid) or via the functionality of prefilling data on the website of advertisers. If a publisher makes use of these options, he must have agreed this in advance with his users and have made the data transfer known in his privacy statement.

With Publisher we also close standard processor agreement for the data exchange between Publisher, Daisycon and its advertisers.

Location of the data

For its Affiliate Marketing service, Daisycon hosts all data of its customers on its own (assigned) servers within Europe and does not use cloud services located outside of Europe.

Data storage with lead campaigns

For a limited number of Lead Campaigns that Daisycon hosts themselves, Daisycon must store (temporarily) data for Advertisers. For this Daisycon concludes a processor agreement with the Advertiser. The privacy statement regarding the processing of these leads can be found here.

Right to access

Do you wish to have access to the data that Daisycon has stored from you? You can submit a request for this. Read here how to do this.

2. You actively use Daisycon’s service as an Advertiser or Publisher

The application form on Daisycon’s websites require Publishers and Advertisers to provide contact information (such as name and address), to provide Daisycon with unique identifiers (a password) and financial information (such as bank account numbers). Daisycon uses this information so that they can provide their services, to provide advertisers with information about their services and to make payments. If necessary, the information is also used to come into contact with the Publishers or Advertisers. Unique identifiers are used to determine identity when logging into the personal account within the Daisycon system. Passwords are automatically encrypted and cannot be viewed by Daisycon. Information is transferred exclusively over secure SSL connections.

Personal information collected shall only be used by Daisycon for the objectives described above. Personal information shall not be provided or sold to unauthorized third parties. All personal information is optimally secured and treated with the utmost care by Daisycon. This information is also only available internally to persons for whom access is essential to the performance of their tasks.

Daisycon does store the time and IP address of the login details in order to ensure safety. This is explicitly mentioned in Daisycon’s General Terms and Conditions. Before making use of Daisycon’s services, Publishers must accept the General Terms and Conditions for publishers. Advertisers are obliged to sign a contract with Daisycon before they get access to the Daisycon Network.

3. General information about Daisycon’s data security

Daisycon is convinced that behavior of people is the upmost important part of data security. Daisycon staff is well informed about the rules for data security. There is a special policy for incoming data, and there is a security and escalation protocol. On a regular basis, the data policy is again brought to attention to the Daisycon staff. The data policy is also officially included in the Daisycon’s terms of employment. On a senior level, a data officer is responsible for the above mentioned policy.

The second – very important – part of data security at Daisycon, is that Daisycon saves the least amount of data as possible (privacy by design). For its service ‘Affiliate Marketing’ Daisycon does not save any personal data. Also combined, this data can’t be traced back to an individual.

Daisycon has an advanced right management system, that ensures that only authorized personnel on a certain level can access transaction data.

Besides that Daisycon does not save much data, Daisycon aims to secure their systems in the best possible manner. Here for Daisycon cooperates with specialized data security companies. Next to regular checks by their own IT department, Daisycon hires these companies on a regular basis to perform so called penetration tests. Daisycon has standard procedures for the commissioning of new software. This ensure only save software is taken into use.

The Daisycon servers are being managed within the Netherlands by external hosting providers. These are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

4. How Advertisers or Publishers can use this document

Daisycon strongly advises its Publishers and Advertisers to make a reference to this documentation on the media (e.g. websites) where they make use of the services from Daisycon. Information from this document may be used to inform their visitors. Daisycon advises their Publishers and Advertisers to link to this document, instead of copying the information. Due to the fast technological developments, information is quickly obsoleted. Daisycon has the right to -without prior warning-, add, delete or change information in this document.

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This website

Beside data storage and cookies for its services, Daisycon also possesses their own websites (like this one) where cookies are being used. In this chapter we clarify this for you. Other websites, owned by Daisycon, can refer to this chapter.

Website analysis

On this website (and the websites from Daisycon that refer to this chapter), Daisycon uses an analytic tool (Google Analytics) that uses cookies to measure how many visitors visit this website and which pages they view. This gives Daisycon the opportunity to analyze their website and to improve it. The data is only used for the purpose of improving the website. The data is not shared with others, and within Daisycon’s organization only a limited amount of people have access. The cookies do not contain personal data. The used tool is configured in such manner that it does not save personal data. Therefore, these so called ‘Analytic cookies’ are covered by the Telecommunications law, and no prior consent has to be obtained before these cookies may be used.

Save password

Users of the Daisycon system that log in, can save their password. To make this possible, Daisycon saves two cookies. One cookie contains the username, and the other the encrypted password. These cookies are not used for any other purpose then saving the password. This type of cookie is called ‘Functional cookie’. According to the Telecommunications law, no prior consent has to be obtained before functional cookies may be used.

Language select and some other media are availible in multple langueges. The cookie ensures that the last language that is selected is remembert. This type of cookie is called ‘Functional cookie’. According to the Telecommunications law, no prior consent has to be obtained before functional cookies may be used.

Storage of data on the website

On this website visitors have multiple possibilities to submit data. For example, they can fill in the contact form, leave a comment on the blog and subscribe to the newsletter.

Data is saved in a secure manner. This website has the same level of security as Daisycon’s services. See also the chapter about data security.

Unless it is clear that information is made public (e.g. when a visitor posts a comment on the blog), data is treated confidential. Contact information can be used by Daisycon to contact the person that posted the information. Unless it is clearly stated, data will not be used for commercial purposes. Data shall not be shared outside the Daisycon organization. To detect misuse, in some cases the IP-address is saved.

Persons or companies that want to use the services of Daisycon can subscribe on Daisycon’s websites. More information about this you can read in this chapter.

List of cookies on Daisycon’s website(s)

For these functional and analytic cookies, explicit consent is not always required. Click for more info on Google Analytics.

  • lang

Goal: Remember choice of language on website.
Placed by: Daisycon.
Type: Functional cookie (Essential to remember choice of language).
Cookie duration: 15 days.

  • username

Goal: Remember username when previously logged in.
Placed by: Daisycon.
Type: Functional cookie (Will only be placed with consent).
Cookie duration: 1 year.

  • password

Goal: Remember password when previously logged in.
Placed by: Daisycon.
Type: Functional cookie (Will only be placed with consent).
Cookie duration: 1 year.


Goal: Measures how much time a visitor spends on the site, in order to use other functionalities.
Placed by: Daisycon.
Type: Functional cookie (Essential to a well functioning website).
Cookie duration: 3 hours.

  • __utma

Goal: Website statistics.
Placed by: Google.
Type: Google Analytics.
Cookie duration: 2 year.

  • __utmb

Goal: Website statistics.
Placed by: Google.
Type: Google Analytics.
Cookie duration: 30 minutes.

  • __utmc

Goal: Website statistics.
Placed by: Google.
Type: Google Analytics.
Cookie duration: End of session.

  • __utmv

Goal: Website statistics.
Placed by: Google.
Type: Google Analytics.
Cookie duration: 2 years.

  • __utmz

Goal: Website statistics.
Placed by: Google.
Type: Google Analytics.
Cookie duration: 6 months.

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