Top 4 affiliate campaigns for Singles’ Day [and how it all began]

Author: Dean Brandt, International Channel Manager Daisycon

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November 11th is Singles’ Day. On this online shopping day, many Asian companies stunt with huge discounts and super-sharp offers in order to convert visitors to buy.

While Black Friday has become an established conversion phenomenon, Singles’ Day is also getting more and more attention from major webshops. But what exactly is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day: the origin

“Let’s celebrate being single!” That’s what students from Nanjing University in China thought. And which day better symbolizes that than 11 November (11-11). The one on this date is a digital symbolism for “individual”, single. The commercial holiday is also called Double 11 for this reason. And so, Singles’ Day was born and has now become the Chinese counterpart of Valentine’s Day.

No.1 ecommerce

It quickly became one of the biggest online (and offline) shopping events of the year in China. Webshop giant Alibaba is the largest initiator in the commercial exploitation of this holiday in China. Last year the company set a new world record within 24 hours: $38.4 billion, exceeding last year’s record.

Although it all started in China and the online holiday is still unknown to many western consumers, it’s wrong to think that Singles’ Day only catches on in China. Brands that have been jumping on the bandwagon of this online event from the start, will be the ones to reap the rewards, as every year more and more European webshops join this shopping festival and see their revenues explode.

The specials in a nutshell

Together with its advertisers and publishers, Daisycon has decided to highlight Singles’ Day in the European markets. As a publisher, you can get a lot of benefits from Singles’ Day by generating more traffic to your website and enjoying higher conversions.


Promotion: Discounts of up to 70% off + coupons worth of up to 5,000,000 USD
Commission: 2.63% – 7.88%



Promotion: Discounts of up to 85% off + coupons with discounts up to 15% off + free shipping
Commission: 8.00% – 12.00%



Promotion: Discounts up to 20%
Commission: 15%



Promotion: Big discounts and coupon codes on hot items
Commission: 2.63% – 7.88%


Black Friday & Cyber Monday around the corner

In addition to the attractive deals this year around Singles’ Day, a big focus is of course saved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Within the Daisycon network, there are plenty of deals and opportunities to promote, both for advertisers and publishers. Click here for the special deals.

We are curious to see what Singles’ Day would end up looking like in terms of sales and numbers. We recommend keeping an eye on this shopping event that keeps on growing every year.

And that’s not all!

Big names such as Aliexpress and Alibaba offer big discounts every year, some of which are already online. However, more attractive deals will be communicated by them and Daisycon closer to the event. Contact me if you’d like to learn more. I’ll be happy to advise you.
Dean Brandt, International Channel Manager

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