Are you ready for international growth?

Make use of the international reach of the Daisycon network

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Advertisers can easily make use of the international reach that the Daisycon network has to offer. Having an international affiliate team and publisher network, we help our advertisers look for growth opportunities beyond national borders.

Do you have an active affiliate campaign in our network, or are you considering using affiliate marketing to reach your online marketing goals and generate sales or leads? A national approach is definitely the first step. But keep in mind that a potentially big part of your revenue may be generated in other geographical markets.

To fully take advantage of this opportunity, it is crucial to have an overview of your current international reach. Daisycon is active in the whole of Europe and offers your business numerous opportunities. At the beginning of this year, Daisycons global reach has expanded even further with the acquisition of Netbooster Affiliate, a network operating in the Scandinavian market.

One of the strongest features of the Daisycon system is the ability to manage all your campaigns in one place. The platform enables you to collaborate with all of our international publishers. More revenue for the same effort. In addition to the above, different teams with expertise and experience in the market, can help you with managing and optimising these campaigns. For Belgian advertisers it is very easy to set up an extra campaign in the Netherlands or France, or go even further and start promoting in Germany or Denmark.


Edwin Treffers – Founder – Dutch Direct Initiatives BV | DesignOnline24

“The collaboration with Daisycon is very pleasant. Because of them, we are capable of differentiating our affiliate campaigns and make use of the proper marketing mix, per market. Our targeting is therefore more accurate and we are generating better conversion results.”

Some important points of interest

  • How is the business currently operating? Do you own multiple websites for multiple markets? Or maybe one website with multiple language settings??
  • Do you have promotional materials that the publishers can use? Don’t forget an extensive product feed (if applicable), with informative product characteristics.
  • Logistics: Is you business ready to deliver products in other countries??
  • Are the payment options tailored to the markets you are operating in? In Belgium for example, Bancontant is the norm; but in The Netherlands iDeal is mostly used.
  • In what countries do you want to establish growth? Are there specific markets you want to focus on?

Marketplaces and Google Shopping: new possibilities

Besides the more traditional way of affiliate marketing, for example advertising with bloggers, social media and email marketing, Daisycon is capable of advertising on international marketplaces like Bol.com, Amazon and through Google Shopping. Read more here.

This is usually performance based, so you only pay for online conversions. Shopping on marketplaces is gaining more popularity over the last couple of years so it is important to be visible on these portals.

Let our experts check out your webshop or site.Together we will determine the best strategy for your international growth, with performance based marketing. Get in touch with your dedicated channel manager or our sales team! Leave your contact information down below.

This article is written by Annelies Tans (Channel Manager Belgium) and Ingrid Cleen (Country Manager Belgium).