Create developer account and app

Create developer account and app

In order to write an app for the Daisycon API you will need to have a developer account*

Create developer account
To create a developer account log into the Daisycon system using your Publisher or Advertiser account. Then visit the menu item “Tools -> Daisycon API”

In this overview you can see all the apps that have been connected to that account by you or one of your users and the developer accounts you as a user has access to.

(note your developer account is not tied to your publisher and/or advertiser account! This is a separate account and only listed here for ease of access.)

Press the button at the bottom and create a developer account. Be sure to give it a proper name (for example your company name), this name can become publicly visible.

Create an app

Now that you have a developer account, you can create an app** to connect to the API.

  1. Log in to your publisher or advertiser account (for now this is the only route). Go tool the menu item “Tools -> Daisycon API” and click on your newly created developer account.
    Here you can see the apps you’ve created and the other developer users that have access the your developer account.
  2. Press the create App button to create a new App.
  3. During creation be sure to give it a proper name and description (these can be publicly available!)
  4. Your Client ID and Client secret will be generated once the app has been created.
  5. Determine what kind of App you want to make. One for publishers or one for advertisers.
  6. Determine what kind of API services you need access to for your app.***
    1. If it’s a private app for personal use, you can safely ask all permissions that you have for that account.
    2. If it’s a public app, be sure to only ask for permissions you really need!
  7. Set the Authorized redirect URI of your app (this is where you will process the authentication access token)
  8. Press save and you have a new app

  1. * At the moment, you will also need an advertiser or publisher account (or both). If you don’t already have an account, you can visit Daisycon.com to create a publisher account.
  2. ** Apps are not tied to a publisher or advertiser account. It is possible to connect an app to multiple accounts. Connections can only be made by users that have ‘Account access’ to the account.
  3. *** The user that uses your app needs to have all the permissions the app requests!
  4. **** You can always ask more permissions later or change your authorized redirect URI’s. Do know that asking for extra permissions will cause active app connections to be dropped