Many of the productfeeds contain thousands of products, but what if you only want a selection of these products? Besides retrieving only the products you want using our filtering options you can also use our paginating functionality* to retrieve parts of the data.

* Pagination only works when you’re retrieving a single program

When you add the option &records=100 to the request URL of the product feed, you will receive the first 100 products in the response of our product feed manager. Also, you’ll receive a “X-Next-Url” header in the response. You can use this URL for the next 100 products. The “X-Next-Url” header will be in our response as long as there’s a next page…

There’s also a “X-Current-Count” header in our response. This will always have the same number as the number of records you requested (in this example 100) except for (most likely) the last page. In the “X-Total-Count” header you can see the total number of products.

An example of the response headers:x-next-url