Retrieving products from a specific campaign

Retrieving products from a specific campaign

Before you can use an advertiser’s product feed, your respective media needs to be subscribed and approved for the campaign. Read here how. 

1. Search the campaign

Go to ‘Material‘| ‘Product Feeds‘ menu in your publisher account. Select the media for which you want to set up a feed. To ensure that results match with your media, we recommend using the other filters, such as standard and language too.

2. Select the campaign

By clicking on one of the filtered results a product feed settings screen will open.

3. Product feed set up

Select the desired export format (XML, JSON, CSV). Click on ‘Show advanced settings’ for additional options and custom adjustments. Select the media you want to use the product feed for. After selecting your media, the Feed URL will be generated. If you only want to retrieve a selection of products with certain properties, it is possible to further filter the feed. Read more on this page about product feed filtering options.

4. Copy the feed URL

Once you have gone through the product feed configuration you can use the Feed URL in your own system. With a cronjob you can set up that, for example every night, you update the data in your own database using the data from the product feed.