Retrieving products from a specific campaign

Retrieving products from a specific campaign

1. Search the campaign
After selecting the ‘Specific campaign’ button you’ll be redirected to the campaign page. Here you can browse for the campaign you want by using the search bar or filter the possible campaigns using the filter option on the top-right. Found the campaign you want, click the ‘Use’ button.

2. Read and select
After clicking the selected campaign a pop-up appears with all campaign information, like a description, URL, commission and tracking duration. There’s also a tab with subscribe information. Publishers have to be approved by the advertiser before they can retrieve the product feed. Hit ‘Select this campaign’.

3. Select your media
Select the media where you want to use the products.

4. Copy the feed URL
The basics of your configuration are ready! You can copy and paste the feed URL and copy the products into your database. When selecting a standard Daisycon sets the configuration to XML, UTF-8, all campaigns (in the selected standard) and all columns. Hitting the button ‘Download demo file’ will give you 20 products so you check if the configuration is the way you like it…

If you want your data in a different way, simple select ‘Change’ and configure it the way you want. You can select specific campaigns, formats (XML, CSV, JSON), encoding (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, ASCII and more) and the columns you want. You can even change the names of the columns into the desired names you want it…